BAM Theater is dedicated to providing programs for Brambleton Middle School students that provide multiple opportunities to experience all aspects of the performing arts. Our program was founded in 2017, in the inaugural year of Brambleton Middle School. We are constantly trying to grow the program and offer more opportunities as there is an insatiable appetite for the performing arts within the community.

If you would like to volunteer or have ideas for programs, please email us @


Participate in BAM Theater’s Fall Performance Program! This 5-week program will explore the performance aspects of theater, introducing and nurturing the fundamentals of stage acting and will culminate in an Informance of scene studies.

Tuesdays – 3:30 to 5:30pm

BAM Auditorium

September 24 through October 22, 2019

Informance: 5:30pm to 6:30pm, October 22, 2019

Price: $20 (Collected the first day via check or via Square (a processing fee is added).


•Explore acting techniques

•Focus on stage blocking

•Character development

•Vocal expression and projection

•Warm ups, improvs and scene studies


  1. Sign up on Sunday, Sept 15 at 6:00pm : REGISTRATION FULL WAITLIST AVAILABLE HERE :
  2. Payment must be received at or before the 1st class.
  3. 90 students – first come, first serve
  4. 3 LCPS Instructors and experienced thespians!
      • Ms. Julie Edwards
      • Ms. Meredith Solano
      • Miss Kim VanArtsdalen



BAM Theater offers financial assistance for all our programs. If your student needs assistance, please email BAM Parent Liaison or If you would like to sponsor a student in need, please donate through BAM Theater Square.


The BAM Theater program aims to create a student-run program that will teach multiple areas of tech, to allow the students to experience what it takes to run a show from start to finish. The “crew” program is an essential part of the BAM Theater productions and has programs for design, construction, lighting, and sound, to allow the students to learn all the backstage elements of a professional show. Crew meets will occur on Thursdays and Fridays, after school through the first semester. A calendar of different crews and leads will be posted over the coming weeks.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2019-2020 season. Detailed descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of different crew leads are described in the packet available here:

The deadline for applications is September 27, 2019 at 6:00pm.

Ways to submit applications:

  • After school in the auditorium on September 24th through Mrs. Purucker.
  • After school in the auditorium on September 27th through Ms. Nurik
  • Digital submission to



The first crew meet has been changed to Thursday, October 10.

October 3, Staff will be holding interviews with prospective crew leads and potential members from 3:30-5:30. You will be informed if you are requested to be there on October 3.

First Complete Crew Meet: October 10, 3:30-5:30

Annual Price is $80

To support the show, multiple roles are available, please review the roles and make a note of the top 3 roles that you would like to be considered for. Given the large interest in the BAM Theatre crew program, we ask that all students ask a teacher or community leader to fill out the recommendation form at the end of the packet to assist the volunteers in filling the roles for the production. There will be an interview process for student leads and BAM Theater reserves the right to conduct interviews for all crew roles, to determine where students will be best suited and ensure all roles are filled.

Roles Include:

STAGE MANAGER [8th Grade] : The stage manager can be considered the “control tower” for the show. In this role, you will attend some rehearsals (schedule TBD) and work with the director to note specific requirements for the tech crews. This might include things like specific lighting or sound cues, props required for a scene, sound cues, mic requirements, set shifting requirements, and/or other requirements related to the run of the show. Organization and working with others is a key requirement for this position.

ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER [7th/8th Grade] : The assistant stage manager will be a close partner of the Stage Manager. Working together, they will also list all the initial sound and lighting cues with the tech crews responsible for those areas. During the show, the ASM will be back stage responsible for ensuring the cast, set, and props crews run smoothly. Like the Stage Manager, organization and working with others is key to the success of this position. Additionally will also be required to attend some rehearsals to become familiar with the show and prep for tech week.

LIGHTING DESIGNER [7th/8th Grade] : The lighting designer will work with the director, technical director, stage manager, and light board operator, to design and record all lighting cues used for the show. The designer, will need to have an understanding of light and color, and how to use it to enhance the performance. Additionally, the lighting designer should have experience as a light board operator, to help in teaching the light board operator how to utilize the board in the theater and will receive additional training on the light board.

SOUND DESIGNER [7th/8th Grade] : The sound designer will work with the director and the music director to determine the best way to mic the performers, and coordinate mic assignments with the sound board operator. Additionally, if the show requires any sound cues above and beyond the accompaniment tracks, the sound designer will be responsible for recording and editing those sound cues for the show. Prior to the show, they will create a cue list for all mic’s and sound cues for the sound board operator to utilize during the show. The sound designer will need to have an ear for what sounds good along with strong organization to be able to properly document all the sound cues in the show. The sound designer will receive training on the board.

SET DESIGNER [7th/8th Grade] : The set designer will work with the director, the music director, and construction director to determine what set pieces are required for the show. Once determined, the set designer will work with the construction director and construction crew to build and paint the set pieces. This is the perfect role for someone interested in art and painting, as you will get to showcase your design on stage for all to see.

PROP DESIGNER [7th/8th Grade] : The prop designer will be responsible for gathering, creating, and designing any props utilized in the show. Working with the director, set designer, construction director, and prop crews, the prop designer will need to create a list of all props, work with all students in the show to try and source props from them, reach out to local non-profit or other school productions to borrow, or finally construct and props needed for the show. An eye for design, and ownership of tasks are key responsibilities of this role.

COSTUME DESIGNER [7th/8th Grade] : The costume designer will be responsible for gathering, creating, and designing and costumes required for the cast of the show. Working with the director, the costume director, and costume crew, they will need to gather all the requirements for the cast, including costumes used per scene, per cast member, and all the sizes needed. Communicating with the costume director to work with parents to provide costumes or source them as budget allows, the costume designer will be tasked with ensuring all costume pieces are ready for show time. This may also include designing costume pieces as required or needed for the show. Someone with organization and an ability to sew would be great skills for this position as the ability to create costumes may be needed for the show.

MAKEUP LEAD [7th/8th Grade] : The makeup lead will be responsible for ensuring the Director’s and Creative Director’s vision is carried out through makeup for all cast members. The makeup lead will work with the Parent Makeup Director to coordinate the vision, the application of makeup for all cast members and the purchase and cleaning of all company-owned makeup tools and assets. Someone with a love of makeup, fashion and great organization and leadership skills will be an ideal fit for this role.

BOX OFFICE MANAGER [7th/8th Grade] : The box office manager(s) will work closely with the producers, and box office, publicity, and fundraising leads to market, advertise, raise funds, and sell tickets and create a program for the show. The box office manager should have an eye for design, as they can assist in making advertising signs, and also an outgoing personality to help raise money and sell tickets for the show. During the show, they may also work to sell concessions or tickets as needed.

HOUSE MANAGER [7th/8th Grade] : The house manager will be responsible for interacting with the audience during shows and ensuring the show starts on time, intermissions are timely, and works with the ushers and box office manager to manage overall smooth running of the performances. The house manager should have a customer focused attitude, to interact with the audience members, and answer any questions they might have pre and post show. The house manager is also responsible for ensuring the theater is left in a state for the next activity in the space, either theater or other. The house manager can also work with the box office manager and publicity teams to get the word of the show out to the community.

CONSTRUCTION CREW [6th/7th Grade] : The construction crew will build and pain the sets utilized during the performances. The crew will work with the set designers and the construction director to build set pieces that are used on stage by the cast. The construction crew will then become the run crew and the ushers during the performances. The run crew, working with the assistant stage manager will be responsible for moving all set pieces and assisting the prop crew as needed during the performances. Ushers will work with the house manager in greeting audience members and ensuring the audience adheres to rules of the theater. The construction crew should have an artistic and hands on approach to there work, familiarity with construction tools (saws, hammers, screw drivers) is beneficial.

BOX OFFICE / PUBLICITY CREW [6th/7th/8th Grade] : The box office crew will work closely with the box office manager and marketing directors to advertise, sell tickets, and create a program for the show. The box office crew will also assist the ushers during performances collecting tickets and seating guests of the show. Additionally, they will work with the fundraising and publicity leads and crew to help market and raise money for the show through community engagement.

COSTUME CREW [6th/7th Grade] : The costume crew will work with the costume designer and costume / makeup directors to manage all the costumes during performances. They will also work with the makeup director to assist in applying makeup to cast during performances. Additionally, working with the sound board operator, they will ensure and cast members that require wireless microphones, have the microphones attached to them, and turned on prior to entering the scene where they use them. The costume crew will be a key person responsible for the cast being ready to perform.

LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR [6th/7th Grade] : The light board operator will work with the lighting designer and technical director to record all cues into the light board and run the board during the performances. The light board operator will be taught the operations of the light board, but will also be required to view online videos about the light board outside of crew time. The light board operator should be responsible and pay attention to details as lighting is a key element in the design of the show.

PROP CREW [6th/7th Grade] : The prop crew will work with the prop designer and construction crew to gather and/or build all props needed for the show. During the show, working with the assistant stage manager, the prop crew will ensure cast have the necessary props needed for the performance. The prop crew may also assist the run crew and costume crews as needed during the show. The prop crew should have an ability to be crafty in creating props used in the show.

SOUND BOARD OPERATOR [6th/7th Grade] : The sound board operator(s) will be responsible for the playback of all music and sound cues during the show, but also responsible for ensuring all cast members microphones and stage microphones are mixed with the music to ensure all can be heard. Working with the sound designer, the music director, and the technical director, the sound board operator will need to be on their toes during the show to mix it. The sound board operator needs to be able to think on their feet to manage the ever changing and unpredictable nature of running a sound board.

SPOT LIGHT OPERATOR [6th/7th Grade] : The spot light operator(s) will provide additional lighting to enhance and call out specific parts of the show. Working with the lighting designer and technical director, the spot light operators will be responsible for knowing the show and cues they have, and have a steady hand to operate the spot light. A good spot operator will be able to manage their own cues, and remember where and when the cast enters on stage that they will be spotting.